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Piracy Chestnut again.

Hello all, this is a continuation of another thread elsewhere on EAB........ (

As a user group ANT, does not condone piracy, Yeah, what's happened in the past in terms of piracy has been discussed to death elsewhere and I am posting this here to avoid the original thread being polluted

Some people here may be surprised to know that most ANT members run E-UAE or some form of old Amiga Emulation and yes, some of us do run old titles that are classified as "Abandonware".

Whilst I appreciate that quite a lot the stuff is now pretty much abandonware, and indeed, a lot of is now "Legal to download" there is still the odd title or two which is still being commercially sold and is still "Current" - As current as the Amiga scene can be defined anyway!

This would include stuff such as Digital Universe, Hollywood, BOH and a few other titles. Additionally, Hyperion-Entertainment stuff is still pretty much a no go to current Amiga users, Without Hyperion, we wouldn't have OS4.x and SAM hardware to run it on, therefore, it just wouldn't be cricket to stab the very people who are keeping our hobby going. This equally applies to stuff that you can still buy and keep an Amiga trader going, such as Amigakit or Forematt home computing.

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