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I very much like both the PS1 and PS2 and still play them now and then.... but i completely lost interest in Sony when the PS3 came out and got an Xbox 360 instead... which in my opinion is not that great either

As for the Saturn i think it is a great machine! It was not given enough time to properly "mature" like the ps1.... Most games on the saturn only utilized 1 of it's 2 CPU's and i think 3rd party devs found it tricky to work with.... But as for it's 2D capabilities it reigns supreme and surpasses even the Neo Geo which is famed for it's 2D capabilities

Don't forget that the original Quake got a Saturn release and ID said it was not possible on the PS1....although they did manage to squeeze Quake 2 onto the PS1 which was an acheivement (even though it was dumbed down quite a bit).

To be honest the 3D graphics from all the 32-bit consoles have aged quite badly.... PS1 is not the only culprit

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