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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
This thread reeks of old men refusing to move on

Name one game on the Amiga A500 that has aged well. There are some good games, but fuck me they all look like they were made a couple of decades ago.
You can take the graphics from the Amiga and improve them but you can't take the gameplay from it (which is far more important and keeps me coming back).

Take Cannon Fodder for instance, that can still draw me in like it did almost 15 years ago (is it THAT old now, b0llocks, now I feel old).

A lot of the old demoscene stuff from the early 90's still looks as good... take Desert Dream for example. The X-Plop 360 has nothing on that Coders and the like these days have it easy with fast GPU/CPU's and storage capacity. To make a demo like that back then is/was incredible and took real skill$or$.
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