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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32 View Post
Welcome! I'm curious to know which of the Amiga OS systems you're most interested in helping out with; OS3/68k, OS4/PPC, MorphOS/PPC or AROS/x86/68k/PPC ? There are certainly a lot of projects going on quietly for all these systems, and there are definitely areas they're all lacking in and need of some good new software.
I have two 1000s & a 600, so, instead, I'm running WinUAE, and have plans to get UAE on my SGI Indigo2s. I'm really interested in Natami's future. I am ultra-psyched about the 800MHz Samantha (Sam440ep) motherboards. I like the looks of Icaros, and I'm interested in getting AROS running natively on one of my PCs.

My future plans involve a Sam440 & an Asus eee pc running AROS... if I had money to spare I would buy both today & start immediately.

Ha, if I had cash, I'd also buy a tricked out 3000, 4000, 3000T. 4000T, too! One day.

For the mean time, I'm getting acquainted with SAS C 6.50 on WinUAE, with my fav ed, CygnusEd, & re-reading all of my old Amazing Computing & Amigaworld magazines, and my manuals, to freshen my memory & get up to speed again with all of the potential Amiga capabilities.

I like that gcc & python are available under AROS. Once I can get it to boot correctly, I'll be living in it.

I'm pretty generalist with this tech, I don't intend to get too locked into any one fork, rather, I'd like to do stuff for all of the systems.

My main idea is to create a very modern DAW, and MIDI sequencing package, that can be ported to each of the Amiga variants easily. This will entail working out how to get the most from SAS & gcc, portability-wise.

The DAW that I have in mind will have the functionality of Cakewalk Sonar, but will include modern 3D GUI metaphors, and have some inspiration from Sun's "Looking Glass Project". I am also quite fond of SGIs "amesh" 3D OpenGL real-time spectrogram program, which has lineage back to the Fairlight CMI's "Page D" 3D waveform display.

I think that the unique capabilities of the Amiga could open up a whole new branch of ways to manipulate audio & MIDI data for music production... So that's basically where I'm going to go with it. I'm going to address the things that I don't like about Sonar, and build something better, and cooler to use.

I do music all week long, so I'm intimately familiar with what is needed in multi-track sequencing.

Python offers a lot of opportunities, since there is tons of pre-written audio & MIDI stuff available, as well as the Snack Toolkit, developed for TCL/TK. It will require a bit of messing around & testing stuff out, but as far as I can tell, developing on gcc in AROS then porting to SAS seems to be the way to go. This way I can sketch it out with gcc & Python, and re-implement it in SAS, so that all Amiga users benefit, and get a state of the art DAW.

That's my plan for now. I will be contributing systems-oriented info to the Natami Project, in parallel with my DAW project.

As I get further into the secrets of the Amiga, (after I complete the DAW), I will contribute system level software to the AROS project, since this project is open source, and will, in all likelihood have the greatest survivability rate in it's lifecycle, down the road.

I would like to help to make the AROS system multi-processor/multi-core aware, as I am a big fan of multiprocessing. ...but that won't be for some time, once I really know the ropes of the OS on that level.

I think that software development is the key to the Amiga's future right now (this year). We have the SAM400 available, and should all buy one to keep the company afloat, to ensure new hardware in the future... but as far as the everyday user... just learn C & make a utility... anything... When people see new software being written, it shows 'signs of life' ha!

Don't get me wrong, hardware is ultra important, but we need to BUY it (not just ogle it) to support the people doing it, so that it keeps coming out. Otherwise the company will just fold, like the others did. Let's not let that happen this time around!

Alrighty, enough typing for me, gotta get to work on this stuff!
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