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Originally posted by andreas

Thanks for the clarification.
On the other hand, I've always thought that enabling bsdsocket.library emulation is the ONLY way to get into the internet with UAE. I don't think WinUAE has Miami support yet. Has anyone ever tried this with bsdsocket.library disabled and been successful in getting into the net?
There is no "Miami Support" nor can there be one. Miami is a software that uses the serial port to control a modem and provides a bsdsocket.library which is the standard TCP/IP interface for the Amiga (derived from NetBSD). Genesis does the same. If you enable WinUAE's bsdsocket option, WinUAE is the one who provides the bsdsocket.library. Starting Miami or Genesis in parallel does not work, because there already is a bsdsocket.library (WinUAE's one).

Instead of doing real TCP/IP WinUAE's bsdsocket.library maps Amiga's TCP/IP calls to the Windows TCP/IP stack as if WinUAE was a Windows TCP/IP application (Web browser, FTP client etc.)

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