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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
And what does F1GP look like, realism personified

Lets face it, all of us would sooner sit down with a few Amiga games rather than PSX games, thats why we are here, but the rationale for this thread is totally swung by rose tinted Amiga branded spectacles.

The only things that have aged worse than the Amiga is stuff made by Atari.
er, no its not!

I started this thread because a lot of PS1 vector based games look like crap.

I'm not suggesting that 3D stuff on Amiga was anything fancy, but the PS1 is very blocky when it comes to 3D, not something that was prevalent on Amiga.

Sorry, but when I look at stuff like Brian the Lion, its nice and smooth, belies its colour limitations and still looks great today...... alas Cool Boarders 2 does not in anyway shape or form look good. Even the intermission screens seem to be a crappy lowres.
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