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I too have a PS3. I tend not to get games for it very often although if there's something I want I'll get around to it - usually NOT as soon as they are released. Thats not to say I haven't bought a game on release day but as a rule I like to wait (price comes down!). Either that or I'll trade in a game I've had enough of... Fifa for example, I traded 08 for 09 when 09 came out... but I can quite happily go for 6+ months without buying a game.

PC wise, I have a nice spec machine which can cope with anything I throw at it, I bought Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway when it came out as I've played the other games in the series... before that I bought Half-Life 2 when it came out (quyite a while ago)... thats been it. Of course I bought games like Quake, Q2 and the original Halflife 15 or so years ago, but since I went to uni (10 years ago) I haven't felt the need or want to have the latest and greatest. Plus there's the point that you have to upgrade your pc to play the "latest and greatest" every 18 months..... supposedly . Which is why I got a PS3 - at least with that, the PS3 will play games released for it in 18 months with no problems.

My one regular concession to PC gaming is an MMO subscription, which at least comes wiith the benefits of patches/updates/maintenance as lilalurl said. In terms of "age" - the game, Anarchy online, has been around since 2001 (I've not been playing it that long ) and as you can probably imagine, older games with newer hardware (usually Graphics cards/driver releases) can throw up some interesting quirks.

I don't game much, I guess... If there's something I want I'll get it, maybe not straight away.

That said I'm off for an AO sesh

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