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I think it is a point to make though that the heap of perfectly fun platformers on Amiga were never equal to what consoles were able to provide.I played and enjoyed a fair few and they were fun but never to the levels of enjoyment i had from the best console platformers.Never will Amiga have a game to match the quality of Mario or indeed many other top platformers on these more suited machines.That said consoles had a lot of generic platformers as well it's just that the likes of more skilled platform game designers Nintendo, Capcom and Konami etc were developing pretty much only for consoles and they had the more suitable hardware too.Amiga couldn't hope to match what you saw on console

Doesn't mean a person can't enjoy more the time he's having on an Amiga platformer, it's just that i find the idea of there being a better platformer thah Mario on Amiga, as a little absurd.Fair enough if you prefer these games for whatever reason but looking purely at their design, they were very flat games regards to any game layering with little in the way of control depth - fun though yes they could be

I love the atmosphere you get when playing games on Amiga over any other machine and it's the reason i own 3 actual machines.Wether a person likes Mario's or not though, it's clear to see how they're easily the best 2d platformer ever created, and it comes down more to bias if you don't rate them - and by bias i really only mean it's not your cup of tea.Mario 2d is very intelligently written game design quite unlike what most Amiga platform games ever got to see.Games written with the understanding of the art.Just about all platform games only ever end up as fairly fun and to be honest it can't be to hard to design one of those but not something like Mario.Subjective is fine but it doesn't apply here if you ask me

I love the Amiga but i honestly can't remember spending much time with a truly special Amiga platform game unless say it was something a little different like Gods or Flashback say - Mr Nutz is probably the only one as i loved it but in truth it's hardly one of the best platformers either.For platform needs i had the Snes though

Ruff n Tumble is quite well done and if you're after something that actually does play more impressively arcade like then it's quite good.Lionheart is probably the only game i can think of right now that measures up to a console game and even trumps them visually

Personally speaking i would say Mr Nutz was distinct and by far a better experience than the console versions and Turrican 2 and 3 just felt so much more suited to the Amiga.Gods is easily the best on Amiga regards to it's more believable world atmosphere and also there are some Arcade conversions that feel perhaps even better suited to how warm that general feel you always got with Amiga games

I go between the two control types easy enough as pushing up on joystick feels obviously perfect as pressing a button does too if it's all designed specificly - up on a pad is always going to feel odd of course (unless it's Streetfighter) in the same way pressing a joystick button to jump is also at odds given most Amiga games were up

Bit of a rant then but having enjoyed lots of machines, i see good in all of them.Amiga is an awesome machine but platformers wasn't really it's strength when compared - maybe if companies like Konami, Capcom etc had bothered then perhaps that would have been different

Sounds a bit like a dig at the mighty Amiga but i adore the machine

For me atmosphere on Amiga wins every time but then that is just subjective

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