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Who here plays games on the trailing edge of technology

I tend to play games and platforms that are just out of date these days.

For instance, currently I'm enjoying my modded Xbox and playing games bought off ebay for a few quid - great value! Micromachines v4, Halo 2, Outrun, Project Gothem racing etc. Eventually I'll sell it and get a PS3, but I don't mind waiting until the time and prices are right.

On the PC side, I have a Quad core for a media box and workstation, but gaming wise I use a last generation Athlon 64 3400+, x800XT PE and Audigy 2 ZS that I again picked up from ebay for next to nothing. I'm enjoying games like UT2004, Far Cry, Quake 4, World in Conflict etc - all again bought for dirt cheap.

Finally I have a good old retrobox made from a PC SFF case that I use for MAME and all kinds of 2D games.

It just seems I'm really happy being on the trailing edge of gaming. I get to choose the best titles that have had all the bugs worked out, the best hardware for the time and best of all I get them for cheap.

Anyone else stick to playing games behind the mainstream leading edge? All I'm missing out on is getting my arse kicked by elite players online since by the time I play a game, most people have moved on to the next big thing! Still there are some great free online games anyway to play without having to resort to the latest and greatest PC or console.
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