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Playstation - Jesus, what a load of crap!

Was bored today, so I was reading the manual that comes with the Playstation 3 and I knew I wasn't able to load and play Playstation 2 stuff, but didn't realise I could play Playstation 1 stuff.

So, dug out some old PS1 titles to load on the PS3, and most of them worked..... rather wished they hadn't!

I honestly don't remember PS1 stuff looking and playing like absolute shit!

Anything vector related was just so absolutely awful to look at, I really can't believe just how badly PS1 has aged.

I have to say, a lot of Amiga stuff has aged far better than PS1. I remember PS1 being a real kick ass machine, but it just looks HOPELESS now.

Must get some stronger rose tinted glasses next time.
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