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What I said was that: out of the box, the Falcon was top value and better prepared than a stock A4000. Check out the prices in the ad attached.

But as Ian said, without software, who cares? From my view it was technically better. (So was the Jaguar, but it flunked. And so on. Atari and Commodore, the marketing marvels! Anyway...) Specially running in 65535 colors. For games that is TOPS. The same mode the X68000 has. The resolution 2D arcades usually work at.

And I didn't know that the Falcon kept the TOS. That is one awfully bad OS. It's just DOS with an ugly GUI atop.

The thing about compatibility is grey line. The AGA machines didn't run lots of old games either. But I wouldn't want to use ST Cubase if I had a machine that is SO pumped for audio production!

No, I'm not an undercover Atari fan
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