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Happy Some more AGA games

Why not try...

Flink: Nifty platform romp. Pretty pretty, too.
Genetic Species: FPS in a Doom stylee.

This next lot are more recent, and are all still for sale. All require some processor oomph and extra memory on real Amigas. I mention them because many folks probably won't have heard of them, and therefore would not otherwise buy them. And because they are cool AGA games.

Aqua (Myst-like adventure)
Bubble Heroes (Bust-a-Move clone)
Foundation (RTS)
Land of Genesis (Shooter)
Napalm (RTS)
Payback (GTA clone)
Tales from Heaven (Cute little Mario64-esque affair)
Wasted Dreams (Arcade adventure)

I personally recommend Guardian (as listed by Cody) above all others. It rules. Defender in 3D. And it is not too difficult, to counter the claim most folks seem to make about it. They're just rubbish at it.
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