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My gaming room is not really game oriented, sadly.
when i had my amiga outside the closet, there was a bookshelf just for it, and for floppy disks, but that's gone some years ago.

in this picture, there's the PC desk with a Samsung 20 inches LCD, where, other than the usual keyboard + mouse, there's an external HD, a modem and an unused webcam (handy as a microphone though). the rest of the table is littered with all sort of stuff: paint tubes, jar of brushes, souple of handkerchief (my nose is always closed), paint knives and paper with dirty paint dried on it; a couple of empty estathe, pencils, prints of stuff, a lamp.

on the right, on a green ikea table, there's the green pc case, with all sorts of unknown cables coming out its back, conveniently turned toward the user. there's some knots of pack thread coming also out of it, as they keep in place a fan (vibration free!)

On the table there's a Suncom TAC-2 and a Quickjoy Megastar plugged on the Catweasel card on the pc, and a handy Xbox360 pad. there's also my wacom drawing tablet.

in the room there's also a printer, a stereo that is attached to the PC line out, two ikea cd holders, a drawings littered drawing table, a shelf and a chlothes littered sof.

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