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I have
two A2000HDs
CD32 with SX-1
Three 1084s monitors

First one i got was garbage-picked with a bad Rodime hard disk.
Not much
the next one got would not boot took all the goodies out
GVP 40MHz acc, Flicker free video 2, KS3.1 rom, Hard Card.
2 hard disks a 50MB and 100MB.

It had a CD-Rom drive but it was useless because it requires a cd caddie.
I had for some reason a SCSI cd-rom with a tray so I popped that in.

Works great but It won't see the CD-rom drive
Sys Info sees it.

Then i got a wonderful card for it ... A VIDEO TOASTER!!
I don't have the software for it and cannot find it anywhere on the internet
could not figure out where the binary files are in the open toaster.

CD32 part of an ALPHA-Gen, ripped it out put a new HD in it
also came with a Supergen-SX
got a gamepad for it too

one has a distorted image
one takes for ever to turn on
the other is hooked up to me PC via S-video

I want software for my toaster : (
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