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New Here


Ex-UNIX sys admin/software engineer here.

Nowadays I'm a musician, and I run a self-designed recording studio in a small basement fallout shelter, where I live with all of my computers, books, and music gear.

I went the path of CP/M, Atari 8-Bit, Amiga 1000, early Linux, Prime, DEC, SGI systems, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, datacenters & supercomputing. Yeah, Micro$loth stuff too, gag.

Did a lot with 2D & 3D graphics, audio, VR, multimedia, AI and lots of cool tech along the way.

I'm a "grown-up" (ha) skatepunk & a multi-instrumentalist musician. Guitar is my fav. I do all aspects of audio engineering, production, composition, instrumentation... the whole bit.

Hopefully I'll get a Major label recording deal sometime within the next two years. Working hard on it. My music is heavily Jane's Addiction influenced.

As far as kit goes...if it has wires, then chances are that it's hooked up to something! My studio & living space resembles a NASA command & control station in a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie.

I'm Down & Out, meaning, my former career has been Downsized & Outsourced to oblivion by greedy scumsucking money hungry management twits, retarded hi-tech investors, marketing creeps, and all of the usual suspects that inhabit this post dot com horror-show of a world that we're left with.

I'm a Porsche 928S technical enthusiast, and still own two... however they now need parts that I can't afford. Sux. At one time I drove one of them on a double cross-country, from NYC to Oregon to coastal LA & back. I will never forget it, it was an incredible journey, in the perfect car for the trip. Black/Black leather... Bitchin!

I also enjoy sailing... thank GAWD I didn't buy two yachts, too... ha!


I am very interested in helping the Amiga community to better the modern Amiga systems & OS variants. I've been with the Amiga since the Amigaworld Premiere issue, and have always kept tabs on it.

Recently, it seems that A LOT of progress has been made toward making the Amiga-variants into truly viable Alternative Computing platforms. I would like to help out in any way that I can.

I have always thought that the Amiga was one of the most innovative devices ever built, and now that I am completely free to choose my personal computing platform, Amiga is the Way of the Future for me.

Looking forward to helping everyone here to make Amiga tech get better & better!

Nice to meet you,

Franz Bazarov
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