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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Cheers blade if a point needed making, you did it in your post

Isn't this an Amiga board

Maybe TCD is right, you're only here for one thing, so

Let us get back on topic now
Thanks mate actually i had a good look at all that guys posts and he either only talks about PC games or he compares Amiga games to Console ones and seems to consistent laugh about them (aka his Superfrog comment) so the guy really did only join to be a prick and to gloat about all things Nintendo & PC.

I think we can all agree that we can mention games of all sorts on here whether it be PC or Nintendo (hell we "are" playing Nintendo games in one of our gaming leagues on here) but when you've got the attitude that guy has where he claims nothing on the Amiga's catalog platform wise can match a singular Mario franchise, then thats where bias line needs to be drawn.

I think we can all agree that we would not claim that any "one" Amiga game is better than ever other Nintendo game of that genre but this is what we get from this guy and its pretentiously arrogant in its nature.

Not only did the Amiga have great games, they were gritty and musically thanks to men like Chris Huelsbeck, Richard Joseph and various other geniuses we had games of atmosphere unsurpassed for their time.

I think with the Amiga being a "computer" as well, we could appreciate the depths of programming brilliance as our 1985 hardware was consistently pushed to its limit with all the creative energy they could muster.

The Amiga was not a Console, and it was something more than 400 extra buttons.
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