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Cool link. After seeing the name on the url, I was sure I'd seen it already, but I hadn't!

That was why I asked, because I'm not a hardware/techie type. But I have read comments from people who have described the Falcon as not operating as nice as its specs suggest. So I dunno.

As for OS, I just think TOS is TOSH. Any OS that limits you to 8+3 chars is off to a bad start, but it seems too closely linked to MS-DOS for my taste. And the GUI for their OS is even uglier than Windows 3.1. One has to reboot to change resolutions, as I recall. That fly looking thing on the cursor...I really wanted to like the ST, but TOS just made me puke. And reading that this made its way to the Falcon just tells me there's a serious hindrance afoot.

Also, I heard that despite keeping the graphics modes for older software, those old programs still croaked on the Falcon. The A4000 is still today expandable to a very modern machine with PCI slots for use with modern peripherals, in addition to Toaster Flyer usage. These are things that you aren't able to do on a Falcon now. I suppose somebody could program a way to use PCI cards with a Falcon, but it can never have Toaster or AmigaDOS functionality.
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