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GODS - What is the best version?

Once again, a thread like this may be pointless on an Amiga-forum, but I truly believe I can get some good information from this board.

Now, I have actually played the SNES version of Godz, and thought it was rather cool, altho STUPIDLY hard. And no password or save-function, makes it rather tough to play trough.

Now, I've been reading about Godz, and it's obviously one of the Amiga top 100 from back in the day, so there's loads of fans of that version. But there are many many versions, now aren't there? It's even available on PC!

I'm leaning towards the SNES-version, since the SNES is a mightier machine than the A500, and when you look at other games that were multiplatform from this era, the Amiga-versions aren't always better graphically. ( i.e Mega Turrican vs Turrican 3)

Sadly, it appears like the Snes-version I played as a youngster is often slagged by some Godz-fans as an inferior version...

But, I want to play the best version, so... taking every aspect of the game into account, what's the best version overall?
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