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Originally Posted by WhoReallyCares View Post
now you make me laugh, that platform was not even complete.
try PC engine version or better still arcade

two buttons and no push 2 jump. and you go on about stick contact points. Rbw isle need micro switch so much more any amiga platform i think of.
Well as someone else pointed out, this is about "Platformers" not fighting or shooting games, so lets stay on course with that one.

The bottom line here mate is that many of us can be and ARE extremely accurate in our timing when using UP for Jump and i for one am absolutely terrible when using a button for jumping because it either just does NOT feel right for me or i just cannot get used to it, and i just do a hell of a lot better at jumping in a platformer when i push up.

This is not about you being "right" mate, its only about what you prefer and what you are used to using, and pushing up to jump does not make me "right" either. So please stop trying to win the argument because there is NO argument. Amiga platformers are as good as Mario ones full stop because there is no right and wrong here.

I had a mate years ago that had all the systems, such as a Megadrive, SNES, Amiga, Atari ST, C64...etc.. and i played Mario on the SNES in the day, but after spending a week or 2 on it "trying" to enjoy it, i just found myself almost smashing my friends controller and said to him "give me a fucking joystick" and i was back to the Amiga where i had a ton more enjoyment than fucking about with 400 buttons and a satellite dish sticking out its rear end

Its not about getting with the times by using a Joypad, its about what works "for you" and one of the main reasons why i never owned a Console (except for an Atari 2600 & CBS Colecovision) was because of "Joypads".

Now i think its time to move on from Mario and bury the hatchet on was "once" a good platformer for many in its "2D" form (but now is just an overly used and abused franchise) but has seen its day.

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