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I'd like to point out that my list was only supposed to be my favourite Amiga platformers.

I actually think that the 2D Mario's are the best examples of pure platform gaming. For me they have absolutely 100% perfect controls. If I lose a life in one of these games it never feels like I've been cheated by the game, it feels like my fault. On the other hand the 3D Mario's are bloody awful and might as well be a completely different franchise.

I'm also one of the people that thinks a separate button for jumps is preferable to pushing up on a stick. I've lost countless lives on joystick controlled platformers by not getting the timing quite right or accidentally missing the right contact point inside the stick. That's probably more down to me being crap than anything else, but I find with a button, it's a lot simpler. You either press it, or you don't. Of course it's very subjective and there are loads of Amiga games that do the up to jump well, but personally, it's not the ideal.

As for Sonic the Hedgehog, I don't even consider that to be a very good platformer. Yes it looks very pretty, but takeaway it's looks and it's speed gimmick and there's not much left apart from a very bog standard game. It controls horribly at 'normal' speeds making exploration of the levels a real chore. The only time it feels right is when you're bollocking it through a level at top speed and ignoring the exploration.
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