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Originally Posted by WhoReallyCares View Post
Pure platforms like Mario need 2 buttons like for speed running then jump.
maybe thats exactly -why- (for some people) Mario is not the greatest (or in my case, even particularly likable) platform game at all?

This is how to play pure platform. Later they evolve with super mario 64 analog and z b button etc.
So every game that doesnt feature the need for an extra button, isnt a 'pure' platformer?

very sorry but nothing on Amiga come near this. Dastardly makes a good listing but ultimate isthat Mario etc. will laugh.

Mario etc. is ultimate. Amiga with Prince and Flash has unique but always crippled. Why? One button and up 2 jump.
pure opinion. You're entitled to it. But i'm also entitled to massively disagree.
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