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Originally Posted by stefcep View Post
Platform game=MARIO. Mario gives al we need to know about platformers. Sadly no other Amiga platformer comes close. And part of the problem is the control: using a joystick to push up to jump makes the games harder-not in a fun sort of way either- then they are.
But Great Giana sisters is OK.
I 2nd what Hungry Horace says here. Mario is "not" the be all and end all and is not the greatest platform game ever made as you may be indicating here!? Its simply a matter of personal taste and personal bias towards the game, but personal bias does not indicate true fact.

Yes, Mario is a "good" game, but this whole argument about pushing up to jump has no basis on whether the game is good or bad because i grew with with EVERY game when i was younger being a case of push up for jump and i think its the method i adore the most because that is what i "grew up" with.

Actually, i cannot STAND using a button on joypad to jump, it drives me absolutely mental and couldn't hate that control system anymore than i already do.

So sorry mate, i will have to 100% disagree with you on that one
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