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im not saying it was a bad machine, infact it's my personal favorite of all time, im just saying it makes no sense stripping it down to the bare minimum making it practically useless, back then every kid on the block had an a500 stuck in the room and moving over to the a1200, wasn't that huuge a step as moving from c64 to a500, and on top of that every game back then was starting to move into being to big to run off of a floppydisk and needed a harddrive, which u would have to install after u payed for your amiga and u then would need to feed some extra ram in there allready from the start since your workbench would otherwise eat up all your "graphics mem", so by that time u would allready had coughed up the same amount of money as a pc would have cost u at that time, so its no surprise people would consider going into other directions, and to top it all of commodore took an even more weird step by launching the cd32 which offcoz would compete directly with their a1200 machine, strange strategy
anyways, this has gone too far allready, great to see giana sisters being revived
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