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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
PSP has Piracy, Nintendo DS has piracy, Wii has Piracy, XB360 has Piracy and finally the PS3 does not!

Which is the least successful.. Yup the one without the piracy.. How ironic eh!
Not ironic at all. I only got an Amiga A500 because I wanted to play games and the SNES I was going to get was too hard to get pirated games for. Bought an A500 for $400 Aus with 1084 and about 100 pirated games. Was i the only one? Went to a user group, about 150 people there all happily sharing pirated floppies, with one or two that had massive 1 gig hard drives willing to put lha'd games on to a floppy for you, for free. I think the Amiga was so succesful because of piracy, but then later this was on reason why it died too.
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