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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
The swap trick will run down your CD drive motor quite quickly if you do it too many times!
I thought that if you had a particular cartridge it stopped the motor?

Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
Don't forget that it is still possible to mod your MK1 Saturn if you are good with a soldering iron and can find a mod chip.... although it would be easier to mod a MK2 saturn and keep the MK1 in it's original condition
Original 20-pin modchips are solderless just like the later 21-pin one's. The only thing to wire up is Power & GND which (I agree are better soldered) you can just stuff the ATX power connector. But alas they are no longer produced.

I did have a bucket load of dual-mode 20 & 21-pin mod chips at one time... dunno what happened to 'em. I'll keep my eye open for them.

You can solder 21-pin saturn mod chips into a 20-pin Saturn if that is what you meant?

21-pin modchips are now like dog-poo... everywhere.

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