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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
@s2325: Hermie Hopperhead springs into my mind instantly, as it was just yesterday that I've tried it
A really cool under rater and pretty much unknown 2d platformer from the 1995, feels to me like Mario meets Mr. Nutz style
Not knowing the game, [ Show youtube player ].
Is it me or do those eggs look very much like the yoshi eggs found in Super Mario World?

@s2325: With these games, you can't be mistaken.

Edit: Just thought a bit and:
1) There are some games of the Goemon series on PSX. I don't have played them but I enjoyed those on the SNES so you may find that they have an Amiga feel.

2) There is a conversion of the arcade game Strider 2 on PSX. In case you enjoyed the first on amiga (or arcade) and don't mind when things go a bit over the top, you might find it enjoyable.

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