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Yes the model 1 saturn can be modded but it is very difficult and saturns are known for being a bit "fussy". Your best bet is to get a model 2 saturn (round power/reset buttons) as these are easy to mod and the mod chips should be easier to get hold of for the model 2.

I have a Victor saturn (JVC) and also have one of the first UK launch saturns (model 1 oval buttons)... I have not modded either of them yet and don't think i will

If it's backups you want to play then you will definitely need a modchip installed but if your like me and like your imports then get a jap saturn or the handy action replay cartridge (works on any saturn)

Heres a handy link for saturn mods:

I personally have never tried the disc swap method and i would highly go against it to avoid any damage to your saturn.
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