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Mmmmh i found this in the Walkthrough for Amiga OS4:

3.3d Blocksize should always be 512 with SFS to get the best performance.

3.3e Maxtransfer Should be (A1200ppc/A4000ppc OS4) 1FE00 and A1/Sii0680/Sii3112 it should be 0x7FFFFFFF

3.3f Mask should be (A1200ppc/A4000ppc OS4) 0xFFFFFFFE and A1/Sii0680/Sii3112 it should be 0xFFFFFFFE

can i take this for OS3.1

or this:

Mask = 0x7ffffffe (There are 6 f’s)
MaxTransfer = 0x1fe00
Blocksize = 512

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