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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
The newer Mame versions are slower (since 0.120?) with the new video core on my PC. I also noticed that the cheat.dat is still broken in Mame Plus. Was it maybe fixed in the last 1-2 month? Haven't tried the recent updates.
I noticed it gives me a HUGE speed boost on the newer version of Mame, if I choose Direct3D rendering instead of DirectDraw. Directdraw worked fast in the old versions, but now since some re-write of the rendering engine happened, directdraw has become very slow, at least for me. Direct3D, contrary to Directdraw, will always scale your images to fit the full screen width or height, at least on one of the sides. However, using a high resolution like 1024*768, with a pre-scaling of at least 2 really doesn't look so bad at all with almost all the games. This way it is fast for me, and I don't have to set custom resolutions for every game... yay!
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