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Originally Posted by bLAZER View Post
CHD = Compressed Hunks of Data, so they are already compressed.

CHD is gamedata that were orginally on CD/Lasterdisk/HD in the arcade cabinet (intead of on a chip)

Yes, a game with a 100 mb CHD will always occupy 100mb on your hd. But most games does not use a CHD and thus will only occupy the size of the rom file.
Thanks bLAZER, now it's all "sadly" clear ...

Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
CHDs are getting a hash signature and Daphne Laserdiscs (Dragon's Lair) are being incorporated into MAME (so if you don't need them : more HD space spared).
Sorry for the noob question, but: will it be possible to have a CHD of the *real* original uncompressed data of the Dragon's Lair (and Space Ace etc.) LaserDisc?
I mean, not a downsized .mpg or .avi or similar as used in Daphne?
A bit-to-bit copy of the original LaserDiscs?
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