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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Hi chiark,
That's a nice 'classic' Archie you've got - I presume it's got a HDD..? If not one can be fitted.

-Mouse - Acorn-type only, I'm afraid you only option (nearly) is to keep an eye out on fleaBay... can plug in a three button serial mouse that will work with a driver for your !Boot sequence (googling to do I suspect)...
...Acorn - PS2 adaptors do come up on fleaBay occasionally.

-Joystick - The A3020 doesn't have a joystick port (meant to be the A3010's big brother). You may want to get an I/O mini-podule @ some point, or a network card, or...
What no joystick? I just bought one too... for the VGA port.. Those User Port podules do Joysticks? Analogue? I prefer digital myself like on Miggy/ST

Mines also mouseless...

Is there any limit on HDD size with Acorns? I suspect finding an laptop IDE drive in under 40Gb capacity could be hard!! Maybe an IDE to CF adapter and 512mb CF card instead?
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