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oh boy...

i am such a pac rat...

4 Snes (2 game doctors) (has anyone tinkered with the idea of setting up a cartridge using a CF card with all games... that would be soooooo awesome!). the technology has to be out there by now to make it nice and tidy to fit into a cartridge with a CF card slot

4 PS1's
6 PS2's
1 PS3
3 N64
3 Dreamcast
8 C64's
9 1541's floppy drives
1 CD32
1 atari 2600
1 colecovision
1 broken Gameboy
5 Amiga 500
4 Amiga 600
3 Amiga 1200
1 Arcade cabinet
many PC computers ( I fix them for a living as well as being the IT guy at work).
2 xbox's (500Gig)
2 Xbox 360's (v1.51)

if i see a deal i cant pass it up... i need help!!
(food donations welcome

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