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Originally Posted by Rixa View Post
I don't claim to know what C64 Forever is all about and I don't like Cloanto much, but not for the same reasons as all the hate on this board.

That being said I'm not sure I understand the point above. C64 and the other platforms emulated by VICE and even the various disk drives supported all have rom chips in them with system code. The code is widely - but probably improperly - available, and the upstream VICE packages even includes it. The rom files are removed in things like Debian, though, and the emulator won't work without them.

Meanwhile, I did once ask Cloanto if they have license to distribute the various games they ship and they answered that apart from the possible exception of the cracker intros themselves they do. Is there something blatantly obvious in there that they're shipping improperly in spite of what they say?
Fair call. My point being that WinUAE for example, is distyributed WITHOUT ROMs because of copyright etc etc, but CCS64/WinVICE is distributed holus bolus, so there may be assumptions that if you can download a fully functional piece of software for free from so many places on the 'net, it is OK to do so and why would anyone bother paying for it? I agree with many replies, simple laziness and ignorance. Amiga Forever was a good idea when it began because at that point it was not easy to collect Amiga stuff from the 'net, but it is now and the same applies to C64.
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