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the "royal we" it seems, is misunderstood, as is poor quality jokes...

vote to close company? not what I typed, not "so to speak", but actually *not* what I typed

and as for damaging a company by not buying their product and making note of other choices available.. no. that's an illogical assertion, selling a product that a market in the main does not require is a company's own fault, it's most absolutely not any non-consumers, any damage that results is down to the company's poor marketing strategy of dipping their toes into a saturated area that has competition that is free. Now they may have a good marketing angle and it could well work in their case, but in my opinion it seems somewhat redundant.

Are you going to say to everyone who doesn't care for this project "nobody is forcing you to buy it" ?

I remember people saying that when ridiculously overpriced "new amiga" boards came out...
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