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[Found: Shadow Of Destiny]Looking for A game Dealing With Time Manipulation

Hey everyone.

I played this game... About 6 or 7 years ago, maybe... I played it on the orriginal playstation if I remember correctly, it may have been the PS2 when it first came out though.

Anyways... The Game was like A Strategy/action/adventure game and is set back in the 1900s are so. And you play a male character.

In the very beginning of the game you are at some sort of festival or event or something like that. And you walk into an alley way and a man kills you. Something happens with time, and you are back alive, but you have to find out why you were killed otherwise it may happen again.

Throughout the game you search for clues, and you are able to manipulate time a certain way. Like, you go back in time sometimes.

There's this one part, where you are in a room. And things just appear so easily to you, such as you find a key perfectly placed for you to see it, and you think...that was easy. You come back later in the same how and place things accordingly and then everything sort of makes sense and comes together.. You were in that room a moment before you were actually in that room.

Anyone know what this game is called?

I looked up Clock Tower but that's not it. Clock Tower is a horror so =\

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