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MiniMig V2?

I've been following developments of the FPGA arcade and the new Replay Board. It looks like it has more chance of being released than good old NatAmi and may grow to include ECS/AGA support in the future.


I'm getting a lot of questions along the same lines, so I thought I would stick a few comments on here.

The Replay board is going to be available to buy, as soon as possible. Price is not totally fixed, but we are aiming for (much) less than 200Euro hopefully. The FPGA is a Spartan3e and is around 3 to 4 times the size of the one on the MiniMig board. It has 32MByte of RAM on board as well.

The board will support all the games on this site, as well as my Atari ST core and a customized and supported MiniMig Amiga core. Other platforms such as BBC B, Commodore 64 and Spectrum will also follow shortly.

The board has an ARM processor which interfaces the FPGA to the SD card. Hard disk images, ROMs and floppy disk images can be used from the SD card.

There are two expansion boards, one with TV out and some rear mounted connectors for the joysticks (fits in a mini-itx case), and a second board with a prototyping array. There are around 130 pins available on the expansion connector.

The board has DVI and Analogue out. The DVI connector can be used to drive a HDMI input of a flat screen TV, so you can play PacMan on the big screen. I am planning to do Asteroids in true 1080P The analogue audio output uses a very hi quality Wolfson DAC.

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