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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
I love MAME!

I stopped with a complete collection of v106 that I have backed up on DVD and haven't bothered to update since. I got tired of the HUGE CHD files and most of the additions seemed to be 3D games, which I'm not really bothered about.

Plus as you know, when you update a MAME version, you have to update all your collection to match.

I'm very happy with v106 as it plays all the 2D classics fine. Perhaps I'll upgrade in the future, if I find some game improvements for the Classics or game editions I'm interested in.
You are genius, aint you?
I am tired with updating too, its neverending story. I will upgrade in near future, then again wait for year or two (or three ).

Subsidiary answer: Mat Mania and Mania Challenge, its not classic VS Fight Game but its one my fav of alltime (one of the first I remember from coinup machines, with Circus Charlie and Invaders) so dont expect me to say something else. Sorry
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