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Your experience with MAME


Since I just upgraded from MAME 0.119 to MAME 0.130 (well, all non Neo Geo games, at least), I wanted to know if some of you

  • still care for Windows (or Mac) binaries of MAME , and most importantly
  • how you manage to deal with updates

, since they are numerous and one needs to devote some time to the Amiga (and to real life, occasionally ).

By the way, I use MAME Plus! which bears some elements of MAMEUI in conjunction with EmuLoader. The reason why I upgraded is because older MAME ports run 3D games too fast with modern CPUs.

Subsidiary question : Except Street Fighter Alpha', what is your favorite VS Fight Game on this platform ?

Note : Please do not discuss of obtaining roms here (ask me instead )
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