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i need to check there isnt still a bug in the Cybernoid 1 WHD slave (my bad, sorry!) which stops the 2-button mode working properly with CD32 pads.

@Heavy Stylus - If there isnt, Cybernoid 1 / 2 might make a nice 2-game compilation like your other multi-game CDs - these covers certainly look cool.

I'm not sure i quite understand a CD32 "version" of a game if it requires a keyboard.... an excuse to make nice sleeves i think!

@ J.Tramiel - a cd32 pad patch for Pinball Dreams is certainly possible, the keyboard code is pretty easy to find. I, unfortunately, will not be attempting to make such a patch myself anytime soon. Personally i love the other two games as well though.

Does anyone know if there is any way the WHDload savedir= feature could be re-directed to save its files on NVRAM, or is this something Wepl would have to add to WHDload itself?

If these disks use WHDloadCD32 , as i suspect they will, saving is disabled anyway... but it shouldnt stop those people who are WHD registered using the full version on slightly-modified CDs!
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