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Two new discs, but nothing overly exciting I'm afraid - just a bit of tidying up (multi-game compilations to replace some of the single-game CDs in my collection).

First up, RGCD Arcade (Volume One)

Consisting of Spatial Hyperdrive, Super Obliteration, Transplant and Wipe Out. Note that the last two games require a keyboard.

And then we have the Vision Collection

a compilation of Cybernetix, Kiros Quest and Microbes. Cybernetix requires a keyboard (really the spacebar should be mapped to the blue button for smart bombs in a future WHDLoad slave...), but the other two are playable on a standard CD32.

Apologies for not really bringing anything new this week, and please excuse the poor covers - real life has been getting in the way again!

More info can be found at

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