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Another Newbie

Hello Everyone,

Just joined up as I have just got my hands on an old A500 at the weekend. I got it for free as someone had kindly left in all boxed up (in original boxes - with warranty cards/manuals/leads/2xmice at the local tip - I couldnt bare to see it thrown away. Unfortunately it didnt come with any disks.

Anyway I have also just bought a A600 with a load of games on ebay for £12. Ive got loads of parts that look like they may be useful (PCMCIA-CF/ CF-IDE adapters, loads of CF cards, couple of 2.5" HDD's.

I had a A500+ about 10 years ago with a viper accelerator in it (530CD rings a bell?) and it was a quick machine - bought from First Computers in Leeds.

So when the 600 turns up on Thursday hopefully I can get cracking (and reading) on getting it set-up with a CF/HDD installed.

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