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Hi guys:

Thanks for the interest, uploads always appreciated - you need to be a member to upload, do you want a membership..?
There's a fair bit of good stuff there already, but it is *very* early days...
...the easiest way of searching the FTP is via it's web front end:
Son of Gyrinus is there...
...the site's main purpose is preservation of stuff (software, info, manuals, scans) that can't be found elsewhere or at least easily, but we'll take anything of interest.

Why, thank you!

The RiscPC is a fine computer, I hope you enjoy it - if there's anything of interest of it's HDD do think of us.
Feel free to ask for advice in return.

Thanks for the kind comments, this isn't my baby alone (I'm just doing the hosting). I'll leave the other admins to introduce themselves...

You can fundamentally split RiscOS computers into three lines:
-Classic: A305-A5000.
Good for games, old apps & Amiga conversions.
-Modern: A7000, RiscPC & clones.
Good for, well, more up-to-date stuff. Still rather useful systems.
Will run most classic stuff, but often takes a lot of buggering about to do it - especially if you've got a StrongARM.
-Castle Iyonix + A9Home:
Proper modern (sort-of) RiscOS-based computers. Fully useful as your main system (ish) - compatibility with older software does suffer...

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