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This was my first breakpoint and I hope next year I can be at the Partyplace!
I'll release stuff on it. I got to!

I really want to make the Amiga rise of this year continue and be further advanced.
I wanted Motocross Jesus Christ to win and I am glad it did. Lightshaft by Elude was just the SAME as Soliloquy and with a choppy framerate. It did not deserve to win.

The Loonies 4K was amazing and a well deserved first position.

Blitter Sweet should have been disqualified. Sorry Photon, but shame on you for releasing something that was published here like a year before. I hope next time you make something new, for the sake of the Amiga's moribund scene, and a bit modern, we're almost 20 years past 1990 :P Do you need people working with you? I'd gladly help provide graphics and/or music.
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