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Wow, thanks so much guys, you made my day! I only wish students were as interested in English as we're interested in Amiga!

I have been wanting to do Monkey Island for some time, but I'm facing a problem. I haven't figured out which version came out first (there are some 3 versions that came at the same time). I try to go with the original whenever possible. If anyone can shed some light on the Monkey Island game, I'd appreciate it. I suspect it was the DOS version, but can't be sure.

I agree about Pirates and Civ being must-reviews. Definitely adding them to the queue.

I'd kind of like to look at Mindwalker, too, since I still think it was very fun and weird. I also like Alien Fires, especially when I got to chat with the author a few years back. I got to talk to an Epyx guy in SF as well; he was down on the Amiga, though (he claimed Epyx failed because it invested so heavily in Amiga, Apple IIgs, and Atari ST). He still had to admit it had the best graphics, though.
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