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Ok Akira you asked for it...


4x CPC 464
3x CPC 6128
2x Colour monitors
1x Green screen monitor


2x BBC Master Model B with disc drive (both broken!!! grrr)

1x 64XE (Dodgy keyboard)
1x 520STM (No power supply)
3x 520STFM (1 has internal 512K upgrade to 1MB ram)
2x 520STE (1 of them has been upgraded to 1MB)
1x 1040STE (Upg. to 4MB)
1x Colour monitor
1x Monochrome

Commodore (8-bit)
6x C64
(My best C64 is boxed, in abosolute mint condition! It is one of the first batch of C64's made from 1982, with a R1 ceramic VIC-II chip! 2 dead C64s, chips desoldered and used to fix another with a dodgy PLA chip.)

3x C64C (Including my first C64 bought for my 11th birthday in 1990, plus another in abosolute mint condition , manufactured in 1991 My orginal C64 is still in use, with it's own 486DX/2 66MHz/540MB HDD PC running HDD64)

1x Commodore Plus/4 (Purchased two sundays ago!)

Commodore (16/32 Bit)

5xA500 (all but 1 has been upgraded to 1MB)
3xA500Plus (1 has a 1mb upg to 2MB.)
2xA600 (Main A600 has 2MB RAM and 20Mb drive, the other unexpanded)
4xA1200 (Including my original A1200 from 1993, (Race and Chase pack) still boxed in abosolute mint condition, box looks factory new!) A1200's has 40 to 540MB drives.

1xEscom A1200
1x Amiga CD32 with SX-1 Expansion with 4MB Fast RAM plus A2000 Keyboard. (I got this for free at a boot fair would you believe! However the power supply was broken, so I had to mod a A500 P/S for it. Also got another A500Plus on the same day.)

1x 1084D Colour monitor
1x 1084DS Colour monitor


3x 48k ZX Spectrum (1 Boxed, 1 Broken)
3x 48K ZX Spectrum+ (1 with bad keyboard, 1 Boxed)
2x 128K Spectrum (Who says they are rare!!!)
1x 128K Spectrum +2 (My 4th 8-bit computer which replaced my broken +2)
1x 128K Spectrum +2A
1x 128K Spectrum +3


Sam Coupe with 512k with Printer interface, and 80 disks

Master system, 2x Mega drive (1Boxed), 3x NES (2Boxed), SNES, Playstation (boxed), Gameboy, Atari Lynx (boxed).

Also various PC's 486/Pentium MMX/Pentium II

Whew! I got to start slimming down the collection after going through all that!
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