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I found OperationWolf jerky.. Cabal wasnt very good too,.. it didnt felt like the coinop, moreover I wasted a lot of grenades because of control system. I think Cabal losed colours althought being non-scrolly game. At the time SpecialFX would have made pixelperfect conversion, imho.

Dragon ninja control also made the game suffers in gameplay department, althought it wasnt all that bad., and well.. was the very first Amiga game I had.

Also Beach Volley was very nice idea, but it hasnt much lastability.

Respect Ivanhoe, what a pity. I thought that game were going to be a cool 16bit experience.. but in the end, I had a lot of Spectrum games which moved smoother than this, and with better response to joystick. A pity, really.. too much AtariST feeling for my taste.

Apart of that Pang was excellent!! and Toki too!! and well.. SnowBros and LiquidKids =)
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