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Unhappy Amiga piracy: easy-to-get games

As has been said before in this thread, thanks to piracy more computers/consoles will be sold in the short term, but in the end it kills the number of software-releases for a machine. This is exactly what has happened to the Amiga.

I have to admit that I - and many people with me – are partly guilty in killing the Amiga by using pirated copies of programs.
When I was 13, I was thinking what computer to buy: an Amiga or a Snes? My choice was easy: Why forking out 50 Euro for a single Snes-title when I could get multiple Amiga games for free from my friends? Pirated Amiga games were THE incentive for me (and almost everyone else in The Netherlands) to buy an Amiga. Thanks to numerous copy-parties I always got the latest games before it was even reviewed in magazines. In an interview in Amiga Joker Factor 5 (of Turrican-fame) stated software-publishers simply could not make any profit as any single sold game generated 20 pirated copies.
Piracy but also numerous other factors like the demise of Commodore and the upcoming 3D-gaming era led to a shrinking Amiga software market in 1993/1994.
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