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Lets post the timetable here:

****Now***** :

19:00 Competition: Animation/Video
20:30 Event: Awards 2008
22:15 Live act: Xerxes concert
23:30 Competition: PC 4k intro
Competition: Amiga 4k intro (right after PC 4k)
Competition: C64 4k intro (right after Amiga 4k)
Competition: Amiga 64k intro (right after C64 4k)
01:30 Event: Awards Demoshow


10:00 Deadline: Console/Real Wild
Deadline: 96k game
Deadline: PC 64k intro
11:00 Compolurker tickets valid from here
13:00 Deadline: Wolverine Contest
Event: Breakpoint job forum
13:30 Competition: Unofficial ASCII/ANSI
14:00 Deadline: PC demo
Deadline: Amiga demo
Competition: Executable music (oldschool)
15:00 Competition: Photo
15:30 Competition: Executable 4k graphics
16:00 Competition: Streaming music
17:00 Competition: PC 64k intro
Competition: 96k game (right after PC 64k)
18:00 Competition: C64 Demo
19:00 Competition: Console/Real Wild
21:00 Competition: Wolverine Contest
22:00 Competition: Amiga demo
23:00 Competition: PC demo


9:00 Deadline: Voting
13:00 Event: Prizegiving and closing ceremony
14:00 Official end of the party.

So lets look forward to the demo compos.. and all the rest.... may the stream be with us

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