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OK, read the message, now before i begin uploading the files to the ftp site, can you see anything there which would be deleted in my third post, and i just released i still need to create a md5 file. ok, done.

Uploading onto the ftpserver. as requested created a folder with my ID, and uploading begins, i'm doing the upload over night but its still going to take around 25-26hrs to upload all of it as in the cd's mentions above.
well, well, well, when i got up this morning and took a look at flashfxp see to how many of the files it had uploaded which i expected to be at least half of the 28 that i had selected. I found that after 2hr 50min out of the 8hrs i had left my computer on for uploading the files, only managed to upload 2 of the files.
there are a total of 19x99mb files and the rest slightly smaller, so if every 2hrs 50min i'm going to get disconnected and it takes 2hr 50 to upload 2x99 i see there is no point in me uploading files when i'm in bed asleep.
so glad i had compressed and split with rar and that i wasnt uploading the rar compressed single archive
my upload speed is a max 24KB a sec, approx 84mb per hour.

I dont know why i am having so much damn trouble uploading 1 file. i've had to resume it 4 times
1 file in 8 hours is stupid. so if it doesnt upload on this 4th resume, i'm deleting the file, and you'll have to get the rest from , using the link i posted.
all day and i've uploaded about 3 files.

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