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Well... There is some news here.

Originally Posted by Magix View Post
As I see, the new site is not useful for uploading. Small files are okay but as for the big ones... not. Because there is no status bar or something like that and we can not sure if the upload is completed or not (actually, if we will wait enough, there is no problem but, nevertheless...). Consequently, I created a new account. So, you can use FTP Clients again. But, remember, this is just for the uploads. All of your files will move to your user folder (or elsewhere) after checked by moderators (or will be deleted).
Upload Rules:
  • DO NOT upload "IPF Images", "Workbench Disks", "Kickstart ROMs/Disks" & software or music files still supported/for sale.
  • DO NOT upload NEVER EVER APC & TCP Software.
  • Upload your files to folder called your EAB User Name.
Address :
User    : eabftp
Password: Upl0ad3r
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